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Interview Drifters

LFS Mods

As the LFS Mods is full of great projects, we want to give you the opportunity to know a little bit more about its founders and their teams. Once a week, you will have the opportunity to learn more about specific projects through our interviews, as well as have the opportunity to post any questions you may have further down in the comments section.

In todays interview, we had the chance to speak with Henry from the Drifters project (www.driftersnft.com), lets go!

Hello Henry, hope you are doing well! Please lets start with an introduction and your background: who are you?

Im Henry, professionally a software engineer prior to working on Drifters full time.

I started Drifters because I saw so many things around me that were not ideal. There is no harmony. We struggle to find a place in todays world. We have so many dreamers that are powerless. We are not happy with the way things work, the values on which our parents system was built on.

I kept thinking that the problems we faced as a society could be solved if someone just cared enough. Thats when I realized that its my responsibility to do my part.

There is a world where blockchain technology flourishes and we live in a world where systems are fair and empower the people to live their lives. Or it could not happen. It is our responsibility as people who see this problem to work to solve it. When given this opportunity where new systems can be built, we cant remain apathetic and complain later when things dont turn out the way we want.

Drifters is the embodiment of the dreams and wishes of our generation and we aim to bring them into reality.

Awesome! That being said, can you tell us more about Drifters and the stage of the project?

Drifters story takes place in outer space, in an alternate universe than our own. They are initially part of a civilization called “the Neytas”, a pretty advanced species that conquered space thanks to their great technological advancement.

Not going to reveal the full story, but something happened to the Neytas that messed up their way of life. One thing to another, a group of people will decide to move far away from the Neyta galaxy to create a new way of life. They are the Drifters.

Drifters is all about uniting our generation around a project that aims to challenge and change the status quo.

Phase 1: we unite thanks to our Avatar initiative: 1000 Innovators and 10000 Settlers. The passeports to join the Drifter movement.
Phase 2: Aevitas, our metaverse exploration game to test new community governance and build a home for the Elrond community.
Phase 3: Driftopia, our own Drifter real world eco-village founded on DAO community governance.

Right now we are in phase 2, we are currently working with a game development studio to create Aevitas. Its crazy to actually develop a video game, its a dream come true personally, Im having a lot of fun! Aevitas is a very ambitious game so we have 12 full-time people working on the game for the next 6 months.

Whats the story of Drifters: how did you kick off and how did you build your team?

I started Drifters alone, at the time I was still working full time at my corporate job as a software engineer. It paid well and didnt demand a lot, but every day that passed, the pain of not chasing my dreams grew. My soul was not happy.

I have dreams of using technology to improve our lives, but they all seemed so far out of reach. I wrote my hopes and dreams into the Drifters whitepaper and built the project around it.

I shouted to the world something that I cared deeply about and luckily it reached people. For the first time I started meeting people in complete alignment with myself.

The entire team came from within the community. One of these people is Arno. Within the first conversation, it was clear to me that we were on the same path. Unhappy with the current situation and looking for a cause to dedicate ourselves to.

I also met Dajackal, who is an architect that will help us build Aevitas and our future physical community, Driftopia.

Monroe, who is our community manager. And our amazing mods Moonzaru, Hugo, Xav, Keydar, & Perky.

Whats important is that our team was built organically from within. We are a group who deeply feel Drifter in our soul.

Why do you think there are many NFT projects on Elrond? What makes you excited about the Elrond NFT ecosystem?

The Elrond community itself is sophisticated. Unlike Ethereum, where there is a large amount of people in it for the short term gains and hype chasing. The people on Elrond see the long term vision and are here to see it unfold. A lot of this culture is due to Beniamins influence. Beyond the technological advancements that Elrond brings, Beniamin is building an amazing community, which I believe will set Elrond apart in the long term.

I think there are actually not many NFT projects on Elrond. The Elrond NFT Ecosystem is still in its beginning stages. This means its a place where we can have a voice and make an impact. Elrond NFTs need to do differently than ETH NFTs. The NFTs are an extension of the Elrond blockchain itself, so we should align and amplify the vision and spirit of the core Elrond team.

It is exciting being one of the early projects on Elrond as we can help set the tone for what Elrond NFTs are. Like Elrond, we will build honestly and organically and truly deliver an amazing product.

Do you have any tips for people that want to start an NFT project or who want to get acquainted with Elrond in general?

Use the technology, watch the town halls, watch Beniamins interviews. Really understand the soul of Elrond.

As for starting an NFT project, just bring something new and creative. If you are doing purely art, then let your art speak for itself. If you want to build utility behind it, do something that is beneficial to the community. Most importantly, operate with integrity. Whatever you do, we should be doing it to elevate each other.

What are your next steps, whats your ultimate north star with the project?

Our next step is to build and ship Aevitas. It is a big tech product, linked to our upcoming token $AEV. Aevitas will be a game that aims at allowing people to build meaningful connections with each other. But it will also be a game built on Elrond rails, allowing us to implement various Web3 use cases such as DeFi, NFTs, land purchasing & renting, community governance.
All these building blocks won’t be released at the same time so we need to think ahead to make sure they all work with each other correctly.

Next on our roadmap is:
Avatar staking
Complete rebranding: brand identity + brand platform
Starting to involve the community in Aevitas early development testing
A very exciting NFT collection that will have some crazy utility in Aevitas...

Our North Star is to unite and empower the Elrond community. Aevitas will achieve this by giving a platform for creators to showcase and monetize their work. We want to give them a way to make a living by doing something they are passionate about. Beautiful things happen when talented people create from a position of power.

If we manage to build this place that helps Drifters connect, be themselves, and create a new path, we will be really proud!

Thanks a lot for joining us today: any last comments to leave us with?

Well first of all thanks a lot to Morningstar and its team, its awesome that you guys help the Elrond ecosystem grow in many ways. Its great that you invited us to present ourselves!

And secondly to all Elrond community out there, thank you all for the crazy energy you provide us with. We are at the very beginning of something crazy, the Elrond blockchain is an amazing place to build and it will make many waves.

Lets push together and be brave enough to “take the leap”

Thanks a lot for your time Henry Zhou & good luck with your project!

Everyone, if you have any questions for Henry, please comment bellow!